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Here is the RI-500,

the first remote monitoring system for reels!

Following your reel remotely? That's possible!

Connect to the web application with your preferred browser and check your reel's live status, or analyze  one of your irrigation tracks.

Why the RI-500?


Time is critical

No need to go on site in order to check  speed and position of the cart. With the web application, consult all the parameters of your reel in the comfort of your living room.


Protect your harvest

How much time is needed damage your harvest? With the RI-500, get notified within 3 minutes about any issue, via text message.


Control your irrigation

Consult the history of your tracks, analyze water pressure and cart speed over time. Be in control of your irrigation and improve your efficiency.

Any reel issues?


Most reels will, someday, have a water pressure drop...Is it due to a leak? Or a pump problem? What about the exact pressure at the tip of the nozzle, do you know it? Water pressure has a direct effect on rainfall and jet length...


Do you know the exact speed of your cart? Any change on the cart speed has a direct impact on rainfall. What if the reel motorization stops? Can you imagine what would be the damage caused to your harvest?

End of irrigation

What if you forget to stop your pump? A little mistake can quickly turn into a nightmare...



Fits on reels from all manufacturers

We have been working hard to provide a "one size fits all" solution. Here is a list of the reel manufacturers on which the RI-500 has been tested:








Do It Yourself!

Of course the RI-500 is very user friendly, but more than that, it can be installed in less than 20 minutes!

Customer Testimonials

 "At the first utilization, the system had detected a water pressure drop during the night, preventing potential damage to the pump!"

Sylvain Tarte, Lanoraie, QC

"The RI-500 is exactly the system we have been looking for! We bought four units and we are very satisfied with this product."

Jean-Christophe Beauparlant, Lanoraie, QC

 "A tool you need to protect your harvest and your machinery!" 

Steve Cantin, Ste-Catherine, QC

Check the complete presentation of the RI-500

Having questions? Check out this video to learn more about the RI-500.

How to use it?

Check out this video in order to learn how to use the RI-500!